How Troy Ohio’s Hobart Corporation helps The Caroline keep their glassware spotless

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The Caroline - Clean and Efficient (04-16)-2Troy, Ohio is proud to be the home of the Hobart Corporation. Hobart has been providing top notch equipment to restaurants and other food service industries for over 100 years, so when The Caroline was in the market for a new and efficient dishwasher for the bar area we knew who to call.

After outgrowing our sink mounted dish washing system we found ourselves sending most of our glassware to the kitchen to be washed. This was not an efficient solution so we made the decision to reach out to Hobart to find out how they could help us out.

We finally settled on the Hobart Advansys™ LXGePR glasswasher for our bar area. This machine was exactly what we needed. Instead of washing each glass by hand we can now wash up to 38 racks of glassware per hour. This is a huge savings in time and labor as our employees wash more dishes more quickly.

The system also has built in advanced service diagnostics and sensors that immediately let us know if there is a problem or a clog, and breaking the system down to clean is remarkably easy.

We couldn’t be happier with our Advansys™ LXGePR glasswasher from Hobart, and were proud to work with such an esteemed company from right here in Troy, Ohio.


For more information check out this piece that Hobart wrote about the Advansys™ LXGePR glasswasher and our experiences with it!