The Caroline’s Dutch Apple Ice Cream – Drizzled with Caramel -8

Coffee Ice Cream – Topped with chocolate-covered coffee beans and chocolate syrup – 8

Triple Chocolate Cake With Bailey’s Irish Cream Ganache. (For each piece of Triple Chocolate Cake sold the Caroline donates $1 to The Pink Ribbon Girls, a non profit organization) – 8

New York-Style Cheesecake – 7

add Turtle, Strawberry or Reese’s – 8

Dessert for Four – Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake, Coffee Ice Cream, Dutch Apple Ice Cream. 16


After Dinner Drinks

Irish Coffee – Jameson, Whipped Cream, Hot Coffee and Green Creme de Menthe

Nutty Irishman – Coffee, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Frangelico

Cafe’ Caroline – Coffee, Bailey’s, Grand Marnier and Kahlua

White German – The Official Drink of The Caroline! – Kahlua, Cream, Rumple Minze

Single Malt Scotch

Oban 14, Macallen 12, Glenlivet 12, Glenfiddich 12

Small Batch Bourbon

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