Ahi Tuna: The Lighter Side

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(Parts of this epic story may be exaggerated…)

At The Caroline, we take pride in offering a number of signature dishes which our customers have come to know and love.

With that said, perhaps one of the most popular dishes is one of our appetizers – the infamous, the sought after, the highly-touted – Ahi Tuna!

So what exactly is it about this Yellowfin Tuna (Suhi grade) dish which is seared rare and with wasabi and sweet-n-spicy Asian sauce, which keeps our visitors coming back for me?

Perhaps it’s the story of how the Ahi Tuna dish came to be which intrigues everyone to keep ordering. And for those who don’t know the history of how it wound up in our restaurant, well you’re missing out on one of the greatest restaurant tales ever told.

The Story

The year was 1985 and a young and optimistic Steve Smith had just become a “first-matey” aboard a Yellowfin Tuna fishing boat in the Western Pacific. This came following a brief stint as towel boy for the Minnesota Vikings. Although his fellow deck mates were all from Fiji, and there was a heavy language barrier, Smith would quickly win their respect thanks to his fishing abilities. You see…unlike the other fishermen, when a Yellowfin Tuna was spotted, Smith would dive in with a spear after the giant beast for himself.

“Fishing poles and nets are of no concern to me,” Smith would boast to his fishing mates. “To truly enjoy your catch, you must first look it straight in the eyes before bringing it to submission.”

One day, Smith got an idea. Why not offer this delightfully tasting fish as an appetizer? Years later, prior to opening The Caroline, he would recall his early days spent sailing in the Western Pacific aboard a Fijian fishing boat and the appeal the Yellowfin Tuna had.

Today, Smith’s love for the Yellowfin has culminated into the Ahi Tuna dish we all know and love and he couldn’t be more happy his customers are such huge fans as well.

“That fish has taught me more than you’ll ever know,” said Smith while holding his spear.